First Blog Post

Updated: May 20, 2020

This blog is going to be anything which comes to mind focused on chess news, interesting stuff or specific chess materials.

I have been in the chess world for 20 years, but right now it is an unprecedented situation.

Coronavirus completely shut down the world and the chess tournaments with it, it is a giant problem, but it might be a blessing in disguise. Chess is one of the very few sports which can use this time to advance into new territories. Different chess platforms are using this chance to create many new online tournaments/leagues and even high-level top tournaments, the chess world is gaining popularity and reaching even more people around the world.

There are fantastic tournaments which show fighting chess and exciting matches. It poses a question about the future, what should we do about classical time controls, especially at high levels, to make it more interesting. I don’t want to go into that rabbit hole as there seem to be many ideas but no clear solution what could work.

What I want to talk about is how we should use this time to improve on our chess and what to work on with regards to the future when everything is back to usual. It is an excellent opportunity to solidify one's knowledge and setup for a triumphant return to the board.

Check your openings!

Look over and try to work out where there are holes in your repertoire.

Check your losses and where there are multiple in a similar structure or even in the same line, should be a warning sign.

Check what some top players did in the same line or also use an engine to formulate a middlegame strategy. Otherwise, you have the option to try out something different, no need to go completely different but something similar with some twist. Playing various openings online is a great way to find the one which feels right, fits your mentality and your view on chess.

It is a great time to work on our chess and improve. Practice and try out new things so when tournaments are back, we should be ready as well.